Brenna, 27
Elizabeth Massie Bookstore is the best bookshop ever. I first came to this store back when I was in college and since then have become my regular hangout place. I love how they have plush cushions scattered all over the store which allow customers to sit comfortably as they peruse the pile of books they have collected. I come here sometimes and forget about the time as I browse the books they have. This place is like a second home to me.

Mika, 24
I won’t ever forget this bookstore because here is where I met the love of my life a few years back. Cheesy it may be but yes, we bumped into each other when we chose the same book that had only 1 copy left. Although we were feeling a bit competitive at that time, we worked. The best thing is that Andrew, the staff who was on duty then, managed to find us another copy which was delivered to the store the next day. (Yes, they are that efficient.) Super love making excuses just to come here.

Theo, 17
I love Elizabeth Massie Bookstore because they are never behind when it comes to new comic book releases. I usually call days before to be updated on the volumes of superhero comics they have and to make a reservation. I expect bookstores to not care about comics at all. But the Elizabeth Massie Bookstore does, and they make sure to have every volume possible. This makes a collector like me happy to live near the place.

Genie, 42
Oh, I’m so in love with the interior of the place. It is very homey and child-friendly which is not always the vibe other bookstores exude. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and I love to hang out here as I wait for my kids whenever they want to have some family bonding downtown.