Garage Door Repair Tips and Advises

A garage door will become malfunction with the passage of time due to general wear and tear. Minor garage door problems can be fixed on your own but for a major garage, door tasks should be handled by professional garage door companies like, Noblesville, Indianapolis garage door repair in order to avoid incidents. If you are thinking about performing a garage door repair project on your own, the following mentioned are the common garage door issues that you can fix on your own.

The garage door is opening and closing on its own. Although it might seem strange the explanation behind it is quite simple. Anyone else in your neighborhood might use a security pass or access code that is similar to yours. Their frequency could interfere with your radio receiver. Furthermore, the radio in the police cars and airplanes could also have a similar frequency. The best resolution is to use the rolling code technology that changes the code randomly when a garage door is used.

The process of changing the security manually is different for all garage door openers. In most cases, you will have to hold the transmitter placed near the box of the opener and then press the button for about 60 seconds. The time duration will be decided through the user’s manual. The latest models of garage door openers are designed with rolling code technology which is used to change the code using an auto-pilot mode if the transmitter is used.

Another common problem is, that the garage door is going halfway down and then up when you are trying to close it. In this case, garage door sensors are the problem. Automatic garage doors are installed with a safety sensor that will detect the presence of anything when there is an obstruction on the way of the garage door. The sensors will send signals and pull the garage door upward.

The obstruction could be a toy, bucket, or broom so once you remove the hurdle; the garage door will function correctly. The problem could also happen if the lenses of the sensors are dirt and dusty. To fix the issue, it is best to clean the lenses.

Finally, you may experience that the garage door is not responding after resting the transmitter. In case, you think that the transmitter of the garage door opener is not working, it could mean that the battery of the remote is low and need to be replaced. If possible, check the power supply to make sure that it is working correctly. If you are unable to fix the problems with a garage door, there is a chance that the transmitter is damaged and should be replaced.