About Us

Elizabeth Massie Bookstore is located in downtown Phoenix AZ. It was established in the early 90’s to serve the needs of people in the area. It was Claire McCullen who founded this from scratch and she was also the first librarian to man the store at only 19 years old.

What could be said about Claire is that she is a natural bookworm. She cannot help going through each and every book that comes her way. If she develops a favorite for a certain author, she makes sure to have a collection of all releases from any genre. She is willing to go out of the convention just to get a hold of a specific book she wants even if she needs to have it shipped from overseas. She is also an avid collector of classic books. If you come to the bookstore, you can notice one side of the store which features her collections. You can see there rare copies of literary works that you cannot anymore find in print these days. Take note, she loves these the best.

Although the improvement of the technology brought about the existence of devices that set virtual books alive, it is worth noticing that McCullen still prefers the printed materials. She claims that she only uses her ebook reader during long travel since bringing so many books with her occupy a lot of space in her luggage. But whenever she is at home or at the bookstore, she still prefers the smell of the printed material. She is very passionate about this that she wants to share this passion with the people around her. In fact, every December, she donates books to the local shelters in the community to impart to them the blessings she receives throughout the year. According to her, this also gives way to the coming blessings for the next year.

Get to know Claire McCullen more if you are going to visit the bookstore today.