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"Abed" (ss) Still Dead, ed. John M. Skipp & Craig Spector, Bantam, 1992
"And Baby, You Can Sleep While I Drive" (ss) Eulogies, 2006
"Assault" (ss) The Horror Show, Spr 1986
"As You Have Made Us" (ss) Naked on the Edge, Crossroads Press, 2012

"Bargain Basement" (ss)

Grave Tales #5, 2008

"Beggars at Dawn" (ss)
Appalachian Winter Hauntings: Tales From the Mountains, ed. Michael Knost and Mark Justice, Woodland Press, 2009
"Bargains at Binsley's" (ss)

The Horror Show, Jan 1987
Bizarre Bazaar #1, 1992

"Bath, The" (ss) Threshold of Fantasy #2, Winter 1985-86
"Blessed Sleep" (ss) 2AM, Fll 1987
"Brazo de Dios" (ss)
   Borderlands 3, ed. Thomas F. Monteleone, Borderlands Press, 1993
New Masterpieces of Horror, ed. John Betancourt, Barnes & Noble, 1996
"Brazen Bull" (ss) White Noise Press chapbook, fall 2007 

"Caretaker, The" (ss) Legends of the Mountain State 3, ed. Michael Knost, Woodland Press, 2009
"Cat, Perturbed" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Come Unto Me" (ss) A Dark and Deadly Valley, Silverthought, Jan 2007
"Corazon de Oro" (ss) Tales of Zorro, Moonstone, June 2008
"Crow, Cat, Cow, Child" (ss) Shadow Dreams, Silver Salamander Press, 1996
"Damaged Goods" (ss) Hottest Blood, ed. Jeff Gelb & Michael Garrett, Pocket, 1993
"Dance of the Spirit Untouched" (ss) Footsteps #8, 1987
Palace Corbie v2 #2, 1993
"Dancin' Man" (ss) Not One of Us Jun, 1992
"Darla and Gina Try to Keep Out of Debt" (ss) E-Books at the Crossroad, ed. David Niall Wilson, Crossroad Press, 2010
"Death at Eleven" (ss) Gauntlet #3, 1992
"Death From a Blood Red Sky" (ss) The Spider Chronicles, Moonstone, Jan 2007
"Devil's Yo-Yo, The" (ss) Cemetery Dance #63, 2010
"Dibs" (ss) Shadow Dreams, Silver Salamander Press, 1996
"Dooka Dee" (nv) The Fear Report, Bloodletting Press, spring 2004
"Donald Meets Arnold" (ss) Inhuman magazine #2, winter 2005
"Dwindle Light, The" (ss) Perdition Press 0

"East Side Morning, 1896" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Fear of Fish " (ss) Read Your Fears, Tri-Corner Publishing, 2008
"Fear Report, The" (ss) The Blood Review, Apr 1990
"Fire" (ss) Darkness on the Edge, ed. Harrison Howe, PS Publishing, 2010
"Fisherman Joe" (ss) Thunder's Shadow Collector's Magazine, Aug 1995
"Fixtures of Matchstick Men and Joo" (nv) Millennium, ed. Douglas E. Winter, Voyage,r 1997
"Flip Flap" (ss) ChiZine #16, Spring 2003
"For the Holidays" (pm) Grue #11, 1990
"Forever, Amen" (nv) The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women, ed. Stephen Jones, 2001
"Frozen Orchard" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004

"Hide and Go Peek" (ss) Sundown, Crossroads Press, 2012
"Hike" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Honey Girls On Line" (ss) Shadow Dreams, Silver Salamander Press, 1996
"Hooked on Buzzer" (ss)
   Women of Darkness, ed. Kathryn Ptacek, Tor, 1988
Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge, ed. Paul M. Sammon, Tor 1995
"Hot Orgy of the Caged Virgins" (ss)
   Iniquities, Spr 1991
Quick Chills II, ed. Robert Morrish & Peter Enfantino, Deadline Press, 1992

"I Am Not My Smell" (ss) Expressions of Dread, 1994
"I Have a Little Shadow" (ss) Imagination Fully Dilated, ed. Alan M. Clark & Elizabeth Engstrom, CD Publications, 1998
"In the Cow Pasture" (ss) Argonaut #13, 1987
"Into the Encroaching Darkness ... and Back Again" (pm) Sundown, Crossroads Press, 2012
"Ice Dreams" (with Robert Petitt) (ss) Darkside, ed. John Pelan, Darkside Pres,s 1996

"Journal of a Headhunter" (ss) Sycophant #3, 1987
"Landlock, The" (co-authored with Erin Massie) (ss) Dream Science Fiction, 1989
"Learning to Give" (ss) Bizarre Bazaar #3, 1994
"Lock Her Room" (ss)
   Dead End: City Limits, ed. Paul F. Olson & David B. Silva, St. Martin's, 1991
Bizarre Bazaar #2, 1993
“Los Penitentes” (ss) Exotic Gothic #2, 2008

"M Is for the Many Things" (ss) A Whisper of Blood, ed. Ellen Datlow, Morrow, 1991
"Mansion of Mysteries" (ss) Dementia #1, 1986
"Meat" (ss) Millennium, ed. Douglas E. Winter, Voyager, 1997
"Merry Music of Madness, The" (with Brian Massie) (ss) Great Writers & Kids Write Spooky Stories, ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Jill M. Morgan & Robert Weinberg, Random House, 1995
"The Metamorphosis of a Poet" (ss) Chrysalis, 1972

"Naked, On the Edge" (pm) Naked, On the Edge, Crossroads Press, 2012
"Next Door Collector" (ss) Deadly Housewives, HarperCollins, Spring 2006
"No Solicitors, Curious a Quarter" (ss) Deathrealm F11/Win 1991
"Now I'm With the Invalids" (ss) Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region, Naked Snake Press, Spring 2006

"October 14, After the Asters Died" (ss) The Fear Report, new edition, Necon E-Books, 2010

"Pinkie" (ss) Best New Horror 17, 2006
A Little Magenta Book of Mean Stories
, Borderlands Press, 2005
"Pit Boy" (ss) Outsiders: 22 All-New Stories From the Edge, Roc, October 2005
"Pseudofiction" (with Brian Hodge, Jeff Johnston, Andrew Lynch, Yvonne Navarro, Jeffrey Osier, Stephen Mark Rainey, David Niall Wilson & Amy Wimberger)(rr) The Tome Sum, 1992

"Reclamation of Sweeney Todd, The" (ss) After Hours Win, 1995

"Sanctuary of the Shrinking Soul" (ss) Obsessions, ed. Gary Raisor, Arlington Heights, IL: Dark Harvest, 1991
"Shadow of the Valley" (ss) Shadow Dreams, Silver Salamander Press, 1996
"Show and Hell" (pm) Grue #7, 1988
"Sick'Un" (ss) Bringing Down the Moon, ed. Jani Anderson, Space & Time, 1985
"Sineater" (excerpt) Footsteps #9, 1990
"Sister, Shh" (ss) The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women, ed. Marie O'Regan, Robinson, 2013
"Sluggish Synapse Blues" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Smoothpicks" (ss)
   Deathrealm F11/Win, 1988
Alpha Gallery, ed. Joy Oestreicher, Mark Rich, David Memmott & Charmaine Parsons, SPWAO 1990
"Snow Day" (ss) Not One of Us Aug, 1994
"Something You Should Know" (ss) Specters in Coal Dust, ed. Michael Knost, Woodland Press, 2010
"Someone Came and Took Them Away" (ss) Legends of the Mountain State 4, ed. Michael Knost, Woodland Press, 2010
"Stephen" (winner of the Bram Stoker Award) (nv)
   Borderlands, ed. Thomas F. Monteleone, Avon, 1990
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1991
Best New Horror 2, ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell, Robinson, 1991
"Stinkin' Rudy" (ss) The Tome #4, 1990
Bizarre Bazaar #1, 1992
"Stinky Square Eyes" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Sweet Kitty" (ss) Grue #3, 1986

"Thanks" (vi) Lore #9, 1998
"That Old Timer Rock and Roll" (ss) SPWAO Showcase #8, 1992
"They Came From the Dark Ride" (ss) Kolchak the Night Stalker: Casebook, Moonstone, Jan 2007
"Thundersylum" (ss)
   The Horror Show Sum, 1985
Best of the Horror Show, ed. David B. Silva, 2AM, 1987
The Definitive Best of The Horror Show, ed. David B. Silva, CD Publications, 1992
"To Soothe the Savage Beast" (ss) The Horror Show Fll, 1987
"Tintype" (ss) Dark Discoveries magazine, 2013
"Tryptich O' Terror" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004

"Virginia Town, 1963" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Wal-Martin'" (pm) Devil's Wine, Cemetery Dance, 2004
"Wet Birds" (ss) Shadow Masters, Imajin Books, 2013
"What Happened When Mosby Paulson Had Her Painting Reproduced on the Cover of the Phone Book" (ss)
   Voices from the Night, ed. John Maclay, Maclay & Associates, 1994
The Best New Horror: Volume Six, ed. Stephen Jones, Raven, 1995
"White Hair We Adore" (ss) Shadow Dreams, Silver Salamander Press, 1996
"Whittler" (ss) The Horror Show Win, 1984
Eldritch Tales #16, 1988
"Wills and the Way, The" (ss) The Horror Show, Spr 1990
"Willy Wonka and the L. Walker Biofair" (ss) The Horror Show, Fll 1987

"...You Get What You Need" (rr) Event Horizon Online, Nov 1998


  K E Y
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(pm) Poem
(rr) Round Robin
(ss) Short Story