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Beth was interviewed in Feb. 2012 by Dreadful Tales's Meli Hooker, as part of Women in Horror Month, 2012. More info.
Beth was interviewed by "Little Miss Zombie" on her website on Feb. 18, 2011.
Beth presented creative writing workshops to seventh graders at Loudoun County Day School on Feb. 15, 2011
"Checkmate: Waynesboro author novelizes Showtime's The Tudors," interview in The Augusta Free Press (print and podcast), April 4, 2008
Beth was interviewed by Beth (Blue, that is!) for Broad Universe, spring 2008
Beth's novel Homeplace was reviewed by Beth (Blue again, that is!) for Broad Universe, spring 2008
"No Place Like Homeplace," Interview in The Hook, March 20, 2008
Elizabeth, along with Jack Ketchum, Christopher Golden, and Edward Lee, recommend frightfully delicious horror movies for Halloween eve or any other cold and chilly fall night's viewing in Up Against the Wall Magazine.
Elizabeth Massie interview, Dark Discoveries magazine, April 2006
"Five Questions (and Some Surprises) With Author Elizabeth Massie," Deep Blue Journal (online), March 2006
"Take a Breath, Elizabeth: Busy Massie one of the Big Names at Book 'Em," Augusta Free Press, October 21, 2004
Elizabeth Massie interview, (iv) The Horror Show, Fall 1987
"Interviews from Necropolis," interview with Elizabeth Massie, Tales from Necropolis, 1990
"A Graveside Chat with Elizabeth Massie" by James Robert Smith, (iv) Deathrealm Fall/Win 1991
"Off a Dead Man’s Chest," interview with Elizabeth Massie, Carpe Noctem 15, 1998
"From Chills to Historical Novels, an interview with Elizabeth Massie," Gotta Write, Winter 2000-2001
"A Writer’s Busy Life," interview with Elizabeth Massie, Augusta Free Press, December 19th, 2003
"Shadow Dreamer: An Interview with Elizabeth Massie" by Christina Kiplinger-Johns, City Slab Issue 2, Winter 2003



"Kids and Horror," Horrorstruck, 1988
"The Scariest Book I’ve Ever Read," (ar) The Tome #3 1990