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Sineater      Sineater - 2013 edition (Crossroads Press)

Beth's Bram Stoker-winning novel, Sineater, is once again available in print! It is a coming-of-age story set in the mountains of western Virginia, a novel of fear, religion, courage, and hope. It is the tale of the dark, mysterious, and terrifying sineater and the sineater's son, Joel, who — with the help of a new-comer to the mountain — decides to challenge the superstitions of his community and discover the truth about his father...and about himself.

Well-known horror author Rick Hautala said of Sineater: "I gotta tell you ... Sineater is one of the best, most touching, most intense 'horror' novels I ever read. I actually cried at the end...real tears streaming down my face. It is S-O-O-O-O good! Read it! Now!" This Dark House Press trade paperback edition, with a gorgeous wrap-around cover by Cortney Skinner, is priced at $16.50.


     Hell Gate

Beth's horror novel, Hell Gate, is a wild ride into the dark world of Coney Island in the early 1900s.

It has been called, ""A Thrill Ride Of Historic Proportions...Like Stephen King, Massie proves regularly — and here once again — that horror doesn't rely on vampires or zombies, and that it doesn't need to rely on the completely inexplicable or unscientific; rather, all horror requires is the thoughts and behaviors of human beings." — Marakay Rogers, BWW Reviews.

Hell Gate is now available from DarkFuse, in e-book format and trade paperback. Available on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.

     Desper Hollow

Beth's new zombie novel, Desper Hollow, is newly released from Apex Books in both trade paperback and e-book format. From the back cover: "It begins when hardheaded mountain matriarch Granny Mustard decides she wants to live forever. Then she dies. Her slow-witted but equally hardheaded granddaughter Jenkie decides to pick up the ball and run with it, taking Granny's unperfected immortality moonshine recipe, a socially-inept friend named Bink, and dreams of fame and fortune to an abandoned, isolated trailer up in Desper Hollow.

But slow-witted doesn't stand against the terrible mountain power Granny initiated. Jenkie's experiments with the immortality moonshine only worsen the trouble with Granny's original recipe, bringing dead critters and a few stray folks back to a state of hungry, vicious, mindless animation. Now a stash of the living dead is locked up in the back of the trailer, a howling herd that has Jenkie terrified. And Armistead, one of the red-eyed living dead, seems way too alert for comfort.

Mountain resident Kathy Shaw and Hollywood reality show pitchman Jack Carroll find themselves caught up in the growing terror surrounding Desper Hollow. They can't avoid it and must face it head on. So must Armistead, who fights the fog of his ghastly condition to discover the truth of who he really is."

Naked, On the Edge      Naked, On the Edge

Readers are thrust to the edge of darkness in this powerful collection of supernatural and psychological tales by two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author, Elizabeth Massie. Isolation, alienation, desperation, loneliness, greed, rage, regret — human conditions that leave us teetering on the brink, ready to crash forward into the abyss or step backward onto safer, brighter ground. "Beneath our clothes, our bodies are naked. Beneath our skulls, our brains are naked. Beneath our hearts, our souls are naked." Now available as an e-book from Crossroad Press.

Opening with a poem, “Naked, On the Edge,” created just for this collection, the stories that follow are a terrifying, meandering journey up to the edge of all there is. A prisoner in solitary dreads his first visitor in years, a grieving parent on a camping trip faces the brutal shadows within himself, a spoiled child is denied nothing, a young home-schooled boy dreams of places beyond his trailer, a vampire follows her love though time to break his dreadful curse, a grandmother takes desperate measures to make ends meet, a girl faces her fear and curiosity about the “witch down the street,” an animal rights activist unwillingly becomes part of an experiment, a lonely and outcast child must decide whether to accept a strange new friend, a homeless woman on a beach falls in love with a handsome tourist, and a soul-buying demon discovers the truth about hell.

• Naked, on the Edge (Poem)
• Shadow of the Valley
• Learning to Give
• Fisherman Joe
• What Happened When Mosby Paulson Had Her Painting Reproduced on the Cover of the Phone Book
• Forever, Amen
• No Solicitors, Curious a Quarter
• Miss Dowdy
• Crow, Cat, Cow, Child
• Someone Came and Took Them Away
• I Am Not My Smell
• As You Have Made Us

Sundown      Sundown

Sundown, a collection of 13 more of Beth's chilling tales and 2 dark poems. Available as an e-book from Necon E-Books.

• Into the Encroaching Darkness... And Back Again — a Poem
• Pinkie
• M is for the Many Things
• The Devil's Yo-Yo
• To Soothe the Savage Beast
• The Caretaker
• Journal of a Headhunter
• Dance of the Spirit Untouched
• Assault
• The Wills and the Way
• Come Unto Me
• Snow Day
• Something You Need to Know
• Hide and Go Peek
• Spider's Night Out — a Poem

The book is dedicated to All Who Stare Long and Hard into the Darkness to Better Appreciate the Light.

Playback      Playback: Light and Shadow

Beth's e-novella, Playback: Light and Shadow, a prequel to Playback, a soon-to-be-released film starring Christian Slater and Toby Hemingway (Bennett-Robbins Productions) will be published by Del Rey (Random House) July 25, 2011. The Random House website writes:

In this terrifying original novella, Bram Stoker Award–winning author Elizabeth Massie provides a chilling prequel to the forthcoming horror movie Playback, starring Christian Slater, Alessandra Torresani, and Toby Hemingway, in which a group of high-school students accidentally awakens an evil that possesses its victims through video. But the dark curse dates back to turn-of-the-century New York, and begins with a grudge surrounding the birth of film itself. While fooling around with the movie camera invented by his murdered grandfather, a rich young playboy is overcome with bloodlust—and sets out to kill one of history's most beloved figures. In Playback: Light and Shadow, heads snap and cameras roll, giving a whole new meaning to the term "slasher film."


Afraid      Afraid

Afraid is Beth's newest collection, now out as an e-book from Crossroad Press. Afraid offers up a collection of some of her more obscure horror shorts, a sampling spanning nearly the entire length of her 27-year career thus far. It opens with a new poem, "Afraid," which plays with the question, "Why do we read horror?" The 13 stories that follow include darkly light-hearted tales such as "Donald Meets Arnold," "Sweet Kitty," and "Sink or Swim," the graphically terrifying "Pit Boy" and "Lost Penitentes," the darkly sinister "Brazen Bull," "Flip Flap," "Triptych of Terror," "Bargain Basement," "Now I'm With the Invalids," "Next Door Collector," and "Thundersylum," and the other-worldly, introspective "Beggars at Dawn."


Brazen Bull      Brazen Bull

A tale of psychological horror, available as a limited edition chapbook from White Noise Press. "Brazen Bull," which gets its title from the ancient instrument of torture, explores the twin demons of despair and distrust within a familiar, familial setting. Excellent artwork by publisher/editor Keith Minnion completes the package.

Read the reviews from Horror Drive-In, Horror World, Monster Librarian, and Stephen Mark Rainey.

D.D. Murphry, Secret Policeman      D.D. Murphry, Secret Policeman, co-authored with Alan M. Clark

D.D. Murphry has a way with words — or is it that words have their way with him? Work the clues alongside this unlikely sleuth to reveal an underground cabal of letters, a conspiracy of meaning, right below the surface of the everyday world.

Murphry is both hero and villain, an unforgettable personality who will have you cringing while you laugh and rooting for his every misguided plan. This is a clever tale told with a dexterity that allows for a gritty, noir feel, insight into the frailty of the human mind and the ability to see the absurdity in it all.

Cover of 'Homeplace'      Homeplace

Charlene Myers, a struggling young artist, reluctantly moves to the rustic, isolated farm she inherited in hopes of rekindling her creative spark and reviving her flagging career. However, Homeplace - the dilapidated house and craggy, mountainous farmland to which she's moved - holds dark family secrets she had no idea about, secrets that begin to surround her and draw her in. What is in the tiny cabin called the "Children's House?" What is in the boarded up room at the top of the farmhouse stairs or the old well in the yard? Was Charlene's ancestor truly a witch? Is she part of a familial legacy of cruelty and abuse that she cannot escape?

Cover of 'The Little Magenta Book of Mean Stories'      The Little Magenta Book of Mean Stories

This pocket-sized (6 X 4 1/2"), bright magenta collection of seven stories packs a major punch. One in Borderland Press's popular and collectible "Little Book" series, this beautiful little volume offers six reprinted tales of terror plus a brand new creepy story, "Pinkie," written especially for this book.


Cover of 'Twisted Branch, A Novel of the Abbadon Inn'

Read the review


     Twisted Branch, A Novel of the Abbadon Inn
(Elizabeth Massie writing as Chris Blaine)

In 1856, mysterious Nicholas Abbadon came to the seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey where he opened his side street inn. Many terrible, dark, and secret things happened there in the more than one hundred years that followed. Now, it is 1978. Former teacher Sam Ford happens upon Cape May and the Abbadon Inn. The new owners of the bed and breakfast make him an irresistible offer: free room and board and a salary to home school their troubled son. But soon Sam wonders if he should have kept on traveling. The odor of decay hangs in the air, icy chills sweep through the third floor, and he has disturbing dreams and visions of death and destruction, and of escaped slaves of the long past trying to reach Cape May along the Underground Railroad. It wasn't chance that brought Sam to the Inn. It was fate, reaching out from the past when his ancestors lived, and died in chains. Now they want something from him. And that something may be his life.

Cover of 'The Fear Report'      The Fear Report

The most extensive collection of Massie’s short fiction to date, The Fear Report offers 130,000 words of some of the most disturbing horror fiction around today. Filled with some of Massie’s own personal favorites, with no repeats from the earlier Shadow Dreams, this collection also presents a brand-new novella, “Dooka Dee,” which Massie describes as “what happens when the supernatural meets Attention Deficit Disorder.” This book has an eerie yet beautiful color cover as well as evocative black and white interiors by Cortney Skinner.

Cover of 'Shadow Dreams'      Shadow Dreams

This collection of short stories offers a glimpse into the myriad worlds of Elizabeth Massie’s characters. These folks are normal, everyday people, living mostly in small towns, growing up or growing old and handling life’s problems like you and me. Except for one thing — these people are about to be touched by the cold shadow of fear, enveloped by a dark nightmare laced with dread. Winner of the Bram Stoker Award twice, Massie gives us a chilling collection of some of her best stories from the past ten years. In these stories we can see the terror lurking in the familiar, and the darkness waiting in our dreams.

Cover of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion'      Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion

When the female population of Sunnydale starts strutting its girl power, the push for gender equality seems like a normal expression of modern feminism. But when the guys start acting like powerless pawns and even a few turn up dead, senior Buffy Summers comes to realize that the local “womyn’s” movement has reached an unnatural and dangerous pitch.

The Slayer is the only one who can see straight during the ultimate battle of the sexes. Her friends — including Giles — are spellbound by the malignant muses permeating the school. Even the local vampires are acting strange. Alone in her search for answers, Buffy must figure out who’s behind the sinister sisterhood and close the gap before the feminist revolution goes too far.

Cover of 'Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark'      Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark
(co-authored with Stephen Mark Rainey)

Angelique and Barnabas Collins were lovers one upon a time. However, through treachery, deceit, and magic, they have become immortal enemies. To pay for the evil jealously that left Barnabas damned to feast on the blood of humans, Angelique has been banished to the netherworld. Meanwhile, Barnabas lives a lie, carefully guarding his hellish secret from the unsuspecting mortals with whom he lives — including Victoria Winters, the beautiful governess to the Collins family.

Determined to escape her dark imprisonment, Angelique conjures a diabolical plan that will make her flesh once more. Using her psychic powers, she will send another vampire to destroy Barnabas completely. But as she will soon discover, the powers of darkness may have found their match in the burning light of innocence, and love.

Cover of 'Wire Mesh Mothers'      Wire Mesh Mothers

Wire Mesh Mothers, Beth's 2000 novel of psychological horror (Leisure), is now available as an e-book from Crossroad Press. Wire Mesh Mothers is the story of a road trip from and into hell, and poses the questions: What of the generations damaged by self-absorbed parents? What is family?

Cover of 'Wire Mesh Mothers'      Wire Mesh Mothers

Kate McDolen, an elementary school teacher, knew she had to protect vulnerable eight-year-old Mistie Henderson from parents who were making her life hell. So one day she packed her bags, quietly picked up Mistie after school, and set off toward what she thought would be a new life. How could she know she was driving into a nightmare?

The nightmare began when Tony jumped into the passenger’s seat of Kate’s car, waving a gun. Tony was a dangerous girl, more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. An admirer of violence and power, she had very different plans in mind for Kate and little Mistie. The cross-country trip that followed would turn into a one-way journey to fear, desperation, and madness.

Cover of 'Welcome Back to the Night'      Welcome Back to the Night

A family reunion should be a happy event, a chance to reunite with people not seen in a long while. But the Lynch family reunion isn’t a happy event at all. It is the beginning of a terrifying connection between three cousins and a deranged woman who, for a brief time, had been part of the family. When these four people are reunited, a bond is formed, a bond that fuses their souls and reveals dark, chilling visions of a tortured past, a tormented present, and a deadly future – not only for them but for their entire hometown. Will these warnings be enough to enable them to change the horrible fate they have glimpsed?