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Elizabeth's novelization of the new French mini-series, Versailles, is now out and available in French via Amazon.uk.

   African-American Educators
A look at the history of African American educators and their determination and courage from the time of slavery through contemporary days. African-American Educators, Mason Crest Publishers, published 2012.

     Back From the Edge: Recovered Animal Species
With the help of the US Fish and Wildlife Service as well as other dedicated people, some animals which were on the verge of extinction have been brought back. Yet once it is recovered, should a species still have protection? How can we prevent these and other species from being lost in the future?

Writers Workshop of Horror    Writers Workshop of Horror
A collection of essays covering the spectrum of writing horror fiction, published August 2009. This fantastic book focuses solely on the craft of writing, with professional advice from the best: Joe Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Tom Monteleone, Rick Hautala, and many, many more including Elizabeth Massie. A wonderful resource for writers, and not just horror writers. Much of the advice transcends genre, because a good story is a good story.

Images of America: Waynesboro    Images of America: Waynesboro, co-authored with Cortney Skinner
A photo history of Waynesboro, Virginia and co-authored with Cortney Skinner, published June 8, 2009. The book appeals to both citizens of Waynesboro as well as former citizens, tourists, and collectors of Arcadia photo histories. See their "Images of America: Waynesboro" companion blog for updates.

Cover of 'Maryland: Ghost Harbor'    The Tudors: Thy Will Be Done
Elizabeth's novelization of the third season of Showtime's original series, "The Tudors: Thy Will Be Done," published April 2009.

Cover of 'King Takes Queen'    King Takes Queen
Horror fiction or historical fiction? King Takes Queen, Beth's novelization of the second season of Showtime network's lusty, intriguing, often brutal show, "The Tudors," could land squarely in either. However, since most of her historical novels are for kids, and King Takes Queen includes a boiling in oil, torture, and beheadings, she decided it would fit nicely here!

Cover of 'Daughters of Liberty: Patsy's Discovery'    Daughters of Liberty: Patsy’s Discovery
Young Patsy Black lives in her family’s tavern in Philadelphia in 1776. She’s heard, over and over again, talk about the Continental Congress and whether they will declare independence for the Colonies from the King. Patsy’s father refuses to take sides. But Patsy and her friend Barbara have decided to do everything they can for the cause of liberty. Like rescuing Patsy’s puppy from the neighbor who stole him, because even a dog deserves his freedom!

At first it’s just a game. But before long, the two “Daughters of Liberty” make some amazing discoveries, and find themselves actually working for American independence!

Cover of 'Daughters of Liberty: Patsy and the Declaration'    Daughters of Liberty: Patsy and the Declaration

Patsy Black is suspicious of the stranger who has come to stay at Black’s Tavern for a few days. He is quiet and secretive, writing in his room at all hours without coming out to visit with the other guests. Then, the blacksmith shop on the tavern grounds is mysteriously burned down. Is the stranger a British spy, keeping track of the rebels and burning property? Patsy and her friend, Barbara, decide that as the “Daughters of Liberty” they should investigate and find the truth.

Cover of 'Daughters of Liberty: Barbara's Escape'    Daughters of Liberty: Barbara’s Escape
Convinced that the soldiers staying at Black's Tavern in Philadelphia are spies for the British, Patsy Black and her best friend Barbara Layman plan to catch them in the act, but the spies catch Barbara first. She must use her wits to escape and let her family know what is going on!

Cover of 'Young Founders, 1609: Winter of the Dead'    Young Founders, 1609: Winter of the Dead

Nat and Richard are two orphaned teens, living on the gritty streets of London, until they are invited to go along on the first voyage to the New World to help establish a settlement and to find gold. Nat believes his new life will give him everything he ever wanted, if he can bide his time and act the way he is expected to act.

Life in Virginia, however, is quite difficult. Squabbles between the men, inadequate supplies, hot and dry summers, bitter cold winters, fear of the Natives, and an inability to raise enough food bring, decimates the colony and leaves the settlers weakened and desperate. Through it all, Nat must draw on the skills he learned on London’s streets to survive, even if he can’t trust another soul in Jamestown.

Cover of 'Young Founders, 1776: Son of Liberty'    Young Founders, 1776: Son of Liberty

On a Quaker farm in Maryland, teenaged Caleb Jacobson hears rumors that the Colonials of Boston are staging an armed rebellion against the tyranny of King George III of England.

A free black living in a slave state, Caleb knows firsthand the horrors and hardships of slavery. He wonders what good an American victory would be if his fellow blacks remain in bondage? Then comes a promise from British Governor Lord Dunmore of Virginia…freedom to all blacks who join his army to fight the Americans. Caleb and his enslaved friend, Gaddi, run off for Virginia, hoping the promise is true. But is it? What will Caleb learn of war, of freedom, of hope, and possibilities while bearing a musket in battle?

Cover of 'Young Founders, 1863: A House Divided'    Young Founders, 1863: A House Divided

By April 1863 the Civil War has been raging for two years. On their sleepy farm outside Gettysburg, sixteen-year-old twins Susanne and Stephen are alarmed by news that Confederate forces are threatening to invade the north for a strike at Washington, DC! Rebel forces in the Union capital? Is it possible?

Bored with farm life and itching for action, Stephen runs away to join the Army of the Potomac to fight Johnny Reb. Left behind, Susanne must deal with his loss. She folds bandages to send to the troops, tends her ailing aunt and brattish cousin, and wonders what has happened to her brother. But her brother is not far away. His company has been redirected to Gettysburg, to meet the advancing Rebs. Little does he, or Susanne, know what an important, and deadly battle will ensue.

Cover of 'Young Founders, 1870: Not With Our Blood'    Young Founders, 1870: Not With Our Blood
Patrick O’Neill and his family move from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts to take jobs in one of the great textile mills. His mother sees the move as the only way to survive, but Patrick, who dreams of being a writer, finds the work dreadful, dangerous, and inescapable. He meets gang member James, who invites Patrick to try another way of life…that of the thief, for what harm can their be in stealing from the rich when you have nothing yourself? Patrick must decide if he should stay at the mill with his family and stand up against those who oppress them, or to run off and become an independent thief like James.

Cover of 'The Great Chicago Fire, 1871'    The Great Chicago Fire, 1871

She lost her family in the Civil War and fled from Georgia to Chicago disguised as a boy. Here 18-year-old Katina Monroe finds work as "William," acting in a small theater, as she dreams of writing a brilliant drama and gaining wealth and fame as a woman in her own name. But life takes an unexpected twist when she meets Russell Cosgrove on a street corner and he persuades "William" to help him create a shelter for the destitute.

Katina can't tell Russell the truth, even as they work side-by-side, until the day love and jealousy drive her to reveal her true self at last. Together they build a dream of new lives and a new city, until a sudden fire rages through the streets. Now they are racing for their lives as Chicago burns in their wake.

Cover of 'Read All About It!'    Read All About It!
San Francisco in the 1880s was an exciting place full of adventure and opportunity. It was also full of prejudice, particularly against the Chinese. An Irish-American boy and a Chinese boy could never become friends, could they? Connor Murphy and Yee Seng share many adventures as they try to find the answer to this question. (This book only available from Rigby as part of a classroom set.)

Cover of 'Diary of a Pioneer Boy'    Diary of a Pioneer Boy
Young Ben Wilkins' family moves from bustling St. Louis to the wilds of Montana. Work is hard and days are lonely with no neighbors nearby. One day, Ben rides his pony out to gather reeds for the cabin's roof, and loses his mount in the fog. He is rescued by a loud and boisterous woman who calls herself "Stagecoach Mary." She lets him ride along with her to deliver goods to a mission, and on the way Ben learns what it means to be a real pioneer. (This book only available through Steck-Vaughn as part of a classroom set.)

Cover of 'The Fight for Right'    The Fight for Right (non-fiction)
At an early age, Claudette Colvin of Montgomery, Alabama, joins many others to make a difference in the American Civil Rights Movement. (This book only available through Steck-Vaughn as part of a classroom set.)

Cover of 'Traveling in America'    Traveling in America (non-fiction)
Transportation has changed a great deal throughout the history of America, from the canoes of the early Native Americans to the modern planes used by travelers today. (This book only available through Rigby as part of a classroom set.)