Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you are feeling a little bit bored waiting for our reply to your inquiry, we have added this frequently asked questions page for your perusal. Check out the common questions ask by our clients and feel free to add your own.

Do you sell products online?
Yes, we do. All of our products in the store are available online. You can grab them via our virtual cart and we’ll send it to you via express delivery. You can also pay for it online and pick it up from the store if you prefer.

Can I make reservations for a book that I want?
Yes, you can. But we only reserve until 12NN of the second day from the time you reserve it. Failure to pay for it during that time would mean that you forfeit the ownership of the book.

How do I pay for any purchases?
You can pay for your purchases via PayPal. We also accept payments from major credit card companies.

Is my information safe?
Yes. Our online site utilizes the most up-to-date security software that protects your account from being phished. We also do not keep your information and most of all, we do not use it for any personal transactions and the like.

Do you have any electronic books available?
Unfortunately, we do not. We believe that physical books should still remain a big part of people’s lives and this is what we are advocating here in our store. Although there is a clamor for digitalization, we want to make an exception for the products we offer.

If your questions are not yet addressed here, then feel free to contact our customer service representatives. You could also drop by to our stores to know more about the products we offer.