Malfunction Garage Door? Some Common Problems and Solution

There are two main parts of the garage door. One is a garage door opener and the other is a garage door operating mechanism which includes garage door panels, tracks, rollers, and springs.

These components allow the garage door to go up and down smoothly. Actually, the garage door is the largest moving equipment around your house. You might be using your garage door more than another entry door. If it is not properly maintained it can become a major inconvenience. There are a lot of professional garage door companies including garage door repair in Arrow, Oklahoma that offer valuable services to help you in this regard.

There are a lot of components that should work together to make your garage door functional. If your garage door wears out it is normally a process of depreciation. You should inspect the garage door thoroughly to find out the faulty parts that are making your garage door wrong. One of the challenging things is that oftentimes there is more than one part that is malfunctioned. Some faults are mechanical and others result from installing the wrong size of springs and motor.

Garage door opener:

There are several things that can go wrong with the garage door opener. If the garage door opener becomes malfunctions, it is always best to start the project with simple checkups. Make sure that the garage door opener is getting enough power and the circuit breaker has not been tripped. If the garage door opener looks fine but the garage door won’t open using a remote control, check its batteries. The broken remote should be replaced. Many garage door companies offer the remote unit to sale separately.

Garage door mechanism:

If your garage door refusing or sticking as it goes up or down you should check the operating mechanism that makes it function. One obvious garage door repair task is the cleaning of tracks to remove dirt and dust. You may use a mild household cleaner to clean the tracks. once they are cleaned, use any premium quality lubricant or WD-40 to oil the tracks and rollers to make sure they are running freely.

Look for dented or loose areas of tracks. The tracks are attached to the trim and ceilings with mounting brackets. With the passage of time, these brackets can become loosened due to the pressure of raising and lowering operations. Another problem can be rollers that are attached to the garage door. In the case of wooden garage doors, the pressure on the screws can force them to wiggle and become damaged. To fix the problem, you need a large screwdriver and tighten the loose parts. Be careful about working on garage door springs. It can be dangerous if you don’t know about their mechanism and don’t have the right tools. Leave the garage door springs to the professional garage door experts.

Bottom line:

Make sure that you know you can handle it and when you need to hire someone else who is experienced enough to complete it. Don’t take a chance on making garage door problems worse by performing garage door repair on your own. You might handle them improperly and cause bigger garage door problems.