Why You Should Still Invest in Books

The digital age opened doors to many opportunities and conveniences. Now, it is easier to do anything with the presence of technology. Gone were those days where everything is slow and need to be exerted with a lot of effort – shopping, getting food to go’s, renting services, and even buying the perfect high power SMD resistors. Now, you do not even need to travel far to get everything you need. With just a few clicks on your mobile phones, you are already good to go. Everything can now be delivered at your doorsteps. This is also applicable to books.

Are you among those people who benefit a lot from the existence of e-books and tablets where you can just download a file with the specific extension and read it conveniently wherever you go? Admit it. It is indeed very convenient and less bulky especially if you are traveling to far away places wherein you are only allowed to bring with you a limited baggage allowance. If you are a fast and an avid reader, bringing one book on your trip is not enough. Also, the presence of the internet gives way for a large collection that means happiness to a bookworm. However, no matter how convenient it is to have electronic books or e-books, nothing still can beat real-life books.

Although e-books have their advantages, like many other things in existence in the market, they still have their disadvantages. Particularly if you are using a tablet or a smartphone, radiation cannot be good for you. There are studies that say that prolonged exposure to it can cause cancer. Also, you need to make many adjustments especially since reading on the above-mentioned devices can cause also an eye-strain, unlike a simple book.

Ebooks are equipped with batteries, unlike normal books. With that being said, it needs to be charged regularly so that you can utilize it. Without batteries or your charger, it won’t be as functional which is a disadvantage during a power outage and in areas where there is no sufficient supply of electricity. By buying books, you can save a lot of money from the bills. Although you still need to buy books that you want, it still cannot level with the cost you are going to have for the continuous use of your ebooks. Books also do not have a use for a wi-fi. So you can enjoy reading it even if you happen to travel to far away and isolated places.

Compared to a tablet, books would be less likely to be stolen from the owners. No matter where you leave it, there is a big probability that it will still be there when you accidentally left it behind. Even if it is not anymore there, the price of one book is still relatively cheaper so it is easier and less hurtful to buy a new one.

Perhaps, one of the most lovable things about books is that the paper gives you a unique feel. There is something about the feel and the smell of it that brings the feeling of fulfillment. Make sure not to miss the chance and still get a real book from time to time.