Welcome to the Elizabeth Massie Bookstore!

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Hey, you guys! Welcome to the Elizabeth Massie Bookstore!

For those who are asking, nope this is not owned by Elizabeth Massie herself. This is not even her official website or blog site. Instead, this is made in honor of her great literary works. You can find many of her printed works here. It is in various genres and under different classifications. But nonetheless, it incorporates beautiful themes that would entertain you on your off hours. You can check out our online store to see what books of her are available in our store.

Elizabeth Massie Bookstore is a flourishing store in Phoenix, Arizona. You won’t miss it because its exterior is eye-catching in its all-pastel colored glory. It is not your typical bookstore that is old and dull. Instead, it looks more like a big candy store with the way its architecture was designed. But what is more eye-catching about this is that, adjacent to it is a garage door in Phoenix which inside we converted into a small café. Here, people have the freedom to just sit down and relax, then read the books they will buy from the store. Light snacks are being served here every day from 9 AM to 8 PM. If you have a specific type of a diet, you could inform our chef about it so they could make adjustments for you. This is the dedication we give to the satisfaction of our guests.

In Elizabeth Massie Bookstore, you’d be facing several hundred book collection just by stepping through the threshold. This is of different genre and was written by different authors. There are classic books here, thriller, sci-fi, contemporary romance, horror, paranormal, and history books. There are also reference materials like encyclopedias and dictionaries, and self-tutorial books on the side. There are also academic books, and books that give you fun and entertainment. The best thing is that this store is not only for adults but kids as well. In fact, there is a kiddie corner here where they could practice their creativity on coloring books and other art materials. There is even a kiddie coach which story-tell several times a day. It is like a daycare where you could leave your kids for a while as you choose the books you would take home with you. Fancy, right? And this is all for free.

Every quarter, Elizabeth Massie Bookstore holds an event for its book club members. During these times, many activities are being held that is meant to be fun and exciting. There is an overflowing of food and drinks available as members mingle with one another. There are also games. The theme for every event would allow you to dress up in which the best costume get to take home gift packs and gift certificates from the sponsors. So, it is highly encouraged that you secure a membership. By being a member of the Elizabeth Massie Bookstore Book Club, you are entitled to many benefits and discounts. So, sign up today!