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Beth's horror novel, Hell Gate, is a wild ride into the dark world of Coney Island in the early 1900s. It has been called, ""A Thrill Ride Of Historic Proportions...Like Stephen King, Massie proves regularly—and here once again—that horror doesn't rely on vampires or zombies, and that it doesn't need to rely on the completely inexplicable or unscientific; rather, all horror requires is the thoughts and behaviors of human beings." —Marakay Rogers, BWW Reviews. Hell Gate is now available from DarkFuse, in e-book format and trade paperback. Available on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.

Ameri-Scares, Elizabeth's new series of scary novels for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) has launched from Crossroad Press, first as e-books and soon in print format. The fourth book is Maryland: Terror in the Harbor. "Anne and Julie, on a school field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, are having fun looking at the aquatic creatures and talking about other students. But suddenly, in one darkened deep sea room, Anne vanishes and a strange girl in ragged clothes appears in her place. Anne has switched places in time with a runaway slave named Millie. Now in the year 1849, Anne is captured by a cruel slave catcher and held as a thief on his sailing ship. Scared but determined, Julie must figure out how to rescue Anne. But if she does, will it mean sending Millie back in time to the slave catcher?" This book can be ordered here.

Elizabeth and her sister Barbara Spilman Lawson have teamed up to create Fucked Up Folktales, not-for-kids, full color picture books that are rude, crude, and funny as hell! The first in the line is YOU GONNA DIE, FLY, which can be ordered from the Fucked Up Folktales website here.

Beth's new zombie novel, Desper Hollow, is newly released from Apex Books in both trade paperback and e-book format. From the back cover: "It begins when hardheaded mountain matriarch Granny Mustard decides she wants to live forever. Then she dies. Her slow-witted but equally hardheaded granddaughter Jenkie decides to pick up the ball and run with it, taking Granny’s unperfected immortality moonshine recipe, a socially-inept friend named Bink, and dreams of fame and fortune to an abandoned, isolated trailer up in Desper Hollow. But slow-witted doesn’t stand against the terrible mountain power Granny initiated. Jenkie’s experiments with the immortality moonshine only worsen the trouble with Granny’s original recipe, bringing dead critters and a few stray folks back to a state of hungry, vicious, mindless animation. Now a stash of the living dead is locked up in the back of the trailer, a howling herd that has Jenkie terrified. And Armistead, one of the red-eyed living dead, seems way too alert for comfort. Mountain resident Kathy Shaw and Hollywood reality show pitchman Jack Carroll find themselves caught up in the growing terror surrounding Desper Hollow. They can’t avoid it and must face it head on. So must Armistead, who fights the fog of his ghastly condition to discover the truth of who he really is." Available at Apex Book Company.

Ameri-Scares, Elizabeth's new series of scary novels for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) has just launched from Crossroad Press, first as e-books and soon in print format. One of the first three is California: From the Pit. "Can ancient, unknown creatures surface in your own backyard? Twelve-year-old Pablo has lived in a small California desert town his whole life, and the sticky black tar puddle by the corral fence has been little more than a nuisance to walk around or step over. But when an earthquake cracks open the bottom of the puddle and mysterious rock-like eggs begin floating up to the top, Pablo and his best friends Lauren and Victor realize they have a mystery to solve. A scary, scientific mystery that will put the whole town in danger if Pablo and his friends don’t stop arguing and learn to work together." Available as an e-book on Amazon.com

Ameri-Scares, Elizabeth's new series of scary novels for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) has just launched from Crossroad Press, first as e-books and soon in print format. One of the first three is New York: Rips and Wrinkles. "Identical twin sisters Carrie and Taylor thought their trip to a Catskill Mountain resort with their parents would be an ordinary summer vacation. But soon Carrie, angry that her parents are treating the twins like little kids instead of almost-teens, decides to protest by sneaking off and hiding in the mountain wilderness for a while. Little does she know that she is running away into a tangled and terrifying magical trap that will require all the courage she has as well as the help of her sister to escape." Available as an e-book on Amazon.com

Ameri-Scares, Elizabeth's new series of scary novels for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) has just launched from Crossroad Press, first as e-books and soon in print format. One of the first three is Virginia: Valley of Secrets. "Twelve-year-old Danny has escaped the children's home where he has lived since he was four, returning to the Shenandoah Valley to find his parents and demanding to know why they gave him up. Very soon, though, he realizes there is something dark and dangerous about his parents, something he is afraid to understand but more afraid not to understand. With the help of Jenni, a young neighbor, Danny quietly and courageously investigates the clues leading to the answers about his parents, his family, and what hides in the dark mountain cave not far away." Available as an e-book on Amazon.com

Elizabeth has just sold her chilling new historical horror novel, Hell Gate, to DarkFuse, and it will be released in September of 2013 in limited hardcover, trade paperback, and e-book formats. Stay tuned for more information!

Naked, On the Edge

Naked, On the Edge — readers are thrust to the edge of darkness in this powerful collection of supernatural and psychological tales by two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author, Elizabeth Massie. Isolation, alienation, desperation, loneliness, greed, rage, regret — human conditions that leave us teetering on the brink, ready to crash forward into the abyss or step backward onto safer, brighter ground. "Beneath our clothes, our bodies are naked. Beneath our skulls, our brains are naked. Beneath our hearts, our souls are naked." Now available as an e-book from Crossroad Press.

Beth's controversial short story, "Abed," is now a short film by Ryan Lieske. Here is the official trailer for the film:

HomegrownElizabeth's mainstream, coming-of-age novel, Homegrown, is now available as both a trade paperback and an e-book through Crossroad Press. Homegrown tells the story of three teens — Cooter, Mark, and Howard — living in a children's home in the 1980s, and the changes that throw their lives into turmoil. Told primarily as a flashback from 1994, Homegrown opens as Cooter prepares to take on the most agonizing personal challenge of his life. Yet it is while facing his past failures and his fear of the present that he discovers one true and most important fact about his life, a fact filled with hope and redemption.

"Massie's sharp observations and eye for detail bring her characters to life."
— Publishers Weekly

"Elizabeth Massie is personally one of my favorite authors. Her writing is true, heartfelt, and wildly original. She is one of the greats."
— Bentley Little, author of Dispatch, The Collection, The Return

"Elizabeth Massie seduces you with her smooth prose and rich characterization, tows you along with her effortless storytelling, and then leaves you gasping when it all comes together."
— F. Paul Wilson, author of The Keep, the Repairman Jack novels

"Elizabeth Massie can be every bit as creepy as Roald Dahl in his more disturbing adult short stories."
— The Argus Leader

"(Massie's) abundant talent, but moreover, her sensitivity and humanity and her passion...it's more than a gift, it is her essence."
— Brian Hodge, author of Oasis, Death Grip, Wild Horses

"She can get down into the darkest corners of the human mind and spirit, and she shows us facets of ourselves that are both chilling and inspiring."
— Rick Hautala, author of Bedbugs, Cold Whisper, The White Room (as A.J. Matthews)

"Massie is the reigning champion of the modern Southern Gothic. She is a master."
— Garrett Peck, Gauntlet

"Massie has the stuff that makes dark fiction both entertaining and literate."
— Scary Monsters

"Elizabeth Massie's short stories read like a jagged scar across a genre often preferring the 'safe' scare of supernatural fantasies over the unpredictable nastiness of that most repulsive of monsters, the human being."
— William P. Simmons for "Story Time" (Feo Amante's Horror Home Page)

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